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Morris dancing in Derby

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We have been involved with Morris Dancing since the 1980’s, and in that time we have always taken photographs and videos of sides and events whenever possible.

Rather that keep the images and videos to ourselves, we have decided to gradually scan colour negatives and upload more recent digital images which will be of interest to Morris Sides and also the community and followers of Morris Dancing.

All the images will be available for download and we have kept the files to manageable sizes to ensure that download speeds are reasonable for most of our visitors.

The images are all UK Morris Dancers copyright but upon purchase permission is granted for using the images on websites, in magazines and newspaper. Please acknowledge UK Morris Dancers when the images are used.

The new project was launched on the 19th October 2014, and we will be adding more images as quickly as we are able. Please keep calling back to check out the latest downloads which are available.

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The UK Morris Dancers website was established in 2013 and featured a huge national index of over six hundred Morris Sides around the British Isles. We also covered news of Morris events and also information about new sides and much more.
We moved the most popular features to our main website which is UK Folk Music so if you would like to locate Morris Sides across the nation please visit the new location which can be found here :

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